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“This trip gave me the opportunity to connect with an amazing country and an inspiring group of people. I have learned more than I ever could have imagined about myself and my homeland.” Ashley

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The State of Israel, is on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a parliamentary democracy and the world's only Jewish state. Israel is bordered by Lebanon and Syria to the north, Jordan to the east and Egypt to the south-west. As of 2005, the population was estimated at 7,205,500 people.

The name "Israel" is rooted in the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh, where Jacob is renamed Israel after wrestling with a mysterious adversary ("a man", and later "G-d" according to Genesis 32:24–30; or "the angel", according to Hosea 12:4). Israel means "he who has wrestled with God". The nation fathered by Jacob, were then called "the children of Israel" or the "Israelites".

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Golan Heights
Tel Aviv
Dead Sea
Ein Gedi

Israel Tour content provided by the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise(AICE). To find more information about the sites on our trip and general facts about Israel visit the Virtual Israel Experience at AICE's Web site.

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